Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We have had so much fun watching the NBA playoffs the past 6 weeks. It was especially gratifying to watch the Lakers go down in such a lovely defeat! With a score like 131-92 even Phil Jackson can't whine. I think now the Boston Celtics are my second favorite team (of course the UTAH JAZZ are my favorites). The only sad thing was having to listen to the dopey announcers on ESPN and ABC. I miss Ernie, Kenny and Charles from TNT. It's as much fun watching them as it is watching the games---and sometimes even better. It has been so enjoyable to watch every dumb sports announcer have to eat their words since they were so biased towards the Lakers until last night. I love this game! Go Celtics!!!

It has been a crazy, busy summer since Josh got home. He is working hard selling pest control 6 days a week. It is hard work but he has a great attitude. It just doesn't leave much time for a social life. He left his heart in Mexico, and he still misses his mission so much. I'm hoping to update this blog in the next day or two.