Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lillian Stead Rogers 100th Birthday

*Our sister-in-law, Kathyrn Ann Rogers posted this beautiful tribute to Craig's Mom:

Lillian Stead Rogers

Lillian Stead was born in Pudsey, Yorkshire, England, on May 20, 1911, the first child of Simeon Stead and Mary Mitchell. Her parents were studying with the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Lillian was given a name and blessing in the LDS church before her parents were baptized. She was honored to be the first member of the Church in her family. 
Albert and Lillian Stead in Pudsey, Yorkshire, England, in 1912.
At age fourteen, Lillian immigrated to the United States with her parents and younger brothers Albert and Harold via Canada. They settled in Southern California. Lillian was grateful that she had the opportunity to attend and graduate from high school. If they had stayed in England she would have gone to work in the mills after she finished Eighth Grade. She learned secretarial skills which served her well throughout her life.
Lillian in 1931 in Southern California.
Lillian met John Victor Rogers while they were serving as stake missionaries from the Garvanza Ward in the Highland Park District in Los Angeles, California. They were married by their bishop on March 27, 1937, and as soon as Vic got vacation time, they made the long trip to Utah by train to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on October 12, 1939. Lillian was self-conscious to meet Vic’s family for the first time when she was so obviously pregnant but they were kind and welcoming to her.

Vic and Lillian had four children born to them in California while Vic worked on the railroad—David, Lillis, Kathie, and John. She also cared for Vic’s father for eight months until he died. They inherited the family home in rural Kanosh, Utah, and moved there in 1947 which was a real challenge to Lillian who had always lived in the city. Her biggest problem was the coal stove—something entirely foreign to her. It wasn’t until 1951 that they got a butane gas stove and water heater. Vic had to go back to California to work for another year leaving Lillian with four children, 1000 chickens, some pigs and a cow to milk. In 1953 Craig was born.

Lillian in 1972
Lillian worked as a clerk-typist for the U.S. Forest Service in Kanosh for 15 years to support their five children on missions. She and her husband served two temple missions in Manti and a full-time proselyting mission in Sarah, Mississippi in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission. She compiled much family history and was diligent in doing genealogy and temple work for her family. She and Vic were involved in Name Extraction with the Fillmore Stake. Lillian learned how to do Data Entry on the computer in St. George and spent two days a week doing that in addition to temple work. She was an avid letter writer and frequently remembered people with cards and visits.
Lillian and John Victor Rogers on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Lillian served in various positions in the LDS Church, but her greatest love was music. She had a lovely alto voice and directed or sang in many groups. She also trained many young people to direct music. She participated in choirs for the Manti Temple Rededication and various pageants.

One weekend Lillian and Vic were staying with John and Kathryn Ann and were planning to return home that morning. Kathryn Ann received the assignment to accompany Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus on the organ. When Lillian saw how Kathryn was struggling with the music, she and Vic stayed until late in the afternoon. He tended the children and she carefully beat time and helped Kathryn learn the music well.

Lillian Stead Rogers, 81, died May 15, 1993, at her apartment in St. George, Utah, from cancer of the liver and pancreas, twenty-nine days after the diagnosis. She had breast cancer several decades before. Vic was in a rehab center at the time recovering from a broken hip. Funeral services were held in the Kanosh Ward Chapel on Friday, May 21, 1993 and then she was buried in the Kanosh Cemetery, Kanosh, Millard, Utah.

Lillian was a loving, caring mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend. She had a strong testimony of the Gospel and spent her life in service to others. She will be remembered with fondness and affection for her devotion to family and to the church. She was a steadfast example of righteousnes.

*here is the link to her original post:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

I happened to turn on the TV yesterday and caught the press conference by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A.MAZ.ING. So grateful I was able to witness that live. Quite a history lesson!!! President Obama speaks for the first 7 minutes, then Prime Minister Netanyahu responds:

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Visit From Uncle Kirk

My brother-in-love, Kirk Jacobson is here this week on a business trip from Canandaigua, New York, so he stopped in for a visit for a few hours.  Since we live on opposite ends of the country, our visits are too few and far between.   It is always a treat to see him.  It just made me really homesick for my sister, Dana!  And my 4 neices and nephews. And that I don't get to be in Hawaii when nephew Danny gets married later this month to the darling Danielle of Alaska.
Kirk and Dana got married when Melissa was just 18 months old so he has watched her grow up and he has always been one of her favorites. 

Melissa loves her Uncle Kirk
When Nick was born 6 months later, Kirk and Dana saved Melissa's life (and Nick's) by letting her spend the weekend  with them in San Diego. More than once.  [ Melissa had a bit of an adjustment problem with her new brother, that included feeding him a bologna and cheese sandwich, piling all the quilts on him in his crib, and sitting on his tummy while scratching his face--- just to name a few----all within a day or two when Nick was just 2 weeks old.]

Melissa giving a kiss to baby Nick
Since then, Melissa and Uncle Kirk have always had a special relationship.  And I have always been grateful to he and Dana for saving all our lives back then.  It was wonderful to see him!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


It makes my heart sing whenever I  see a picture of my darling grandkids pop up on my cell phone.  Here's some cute ones I've received in the past few weeks:

"ready to bear her testimony"
Skye 3 1/2months old, May 1, 2011

The birthday girl - Reese, 2 years old
April 21, 2011

Claire and Reese enjoying their See's chocolate  bunnies
April 22, 2011

Reese weairng Paige's hand-me-down Easter dress

Dylan painted HIS toes!
April 28, 2011