Friday, September 10, 2010

Blues and Bothers

I have struggled this week with the blues and bothers----missing my kids and grandkids, worrying about Ben's deployment to Afghanistan next month, surprised to be missing preschool after 19 years, not to mention this empty nest of mine and the holidays approaching with so much uncertainty. . . .  Then I read this post on facebok from a dear high school friend ( from my Santa Rosa years), Greg Barsi :

Putting the blues and bothers of the past few days away -- Friday will be my day of joy finding! HAPPY FRIDAY to all you good people!! Blessings of Love, Joy and Happiness. ♥ :-D

It touched my heart and reminded me to count my blessings and FIND JOY.  Shame on me for needing the reminder, but so grateful to be able grab on to it and put those blues and bothers away for now.  Thank you, dear friend!


Nick and Renee just called with the news that they are having a baby GIRL in January!!!  We are so happy for them having their first baby and our 9th grandchild.  She breaks our tie of 4 girls and 4 boys.  They both sounded so excited on the phone.  I can't wait to quilt & shop for another newborn! We are so blessed!