Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Good Old Days!

I just came across this picture and I hadn't seen it for years.  I immediately scanned it so I could post it here and on Facebook.  This was such a happy time in my life, and I am still in touch with Gregg, Marian, Ronna and Becky.  I just did the math and I cannot believe that this was almost 40 years ago!  I am extremely grateful that I labeled the picture back when it was taken.  I'm afraid today I would not have remembered all those names, or that Jodi was hiding behind Diane!
1971-72 Freshman & Sophomore Seimainry Class,
Montgomery High School, Santa Rosa, CA

 1971-1972 SEMINARY CLASS (Old Testament). 
Front row: Ron Cook, Jeff Foulger, Bob Eller
2nd row: Jennifer Harris, Desiree Calapp, Diane Keever,Glors Benally
3rd Row:Lissa Landes, LInda Schneider, Jodi Lowder, Denise Joly
4th Row: Twila Layman, Ronna Hyer, Marian Johnsen, Becky Taylor, DiAnn Hardin
 Back Row: Brent Ririe, Clark Jordan, Greg Barsi, John Briscoe, Richard Layman, Scott Ririe,
and our AMAZING teacher: Rich Taylor (AKA Elijah the Tishbite)

Bishop Bradford

Yesterday I attended the funeral of Gordon R. Bradford, my former Bishop and the father of my best friend , Karen Cooper.  It was such a sweet experience for me to be in the midst of the Bradford family and dear friends from the Riverside 4th Ward.  Just being in the building on Blaine Street was wonderful.  I wasn't feeling very emotional until I saw a picture of their home where I spent so much time.  Then all those wonderful memories and tender feelings just rushed back.

It was difficult for me to move to Riverside the summer I turned 16.  My family moved from Santa Rosa, in northern California and it was awful  leaving my friends at Montgomery High School, The Santa Rosa Stake and my best friend around the corner on Melita Rd.  Not to mention my adorable boyfriend who I'd just begun dating a few months earlier.  Heavy Sigh.

I had an interview with my new Bishop who happened to be Karen's father.  When I arrived at his office, I noticed a young girl, maybe age 11 or 12 playing outside.  After Bishop Bradford and I visited for awhile, he told me he had a daughter about my age and she was outside.  I was mortified, because I immediately thought of the girl I had seen earlier.  He walked me out and to my surprise a darling girl rode up on a 10 speed bike and it was Karen.  After he introduced us, he went back into his office and the first words Karen said to me were "There are no guys in this ward". Needless to say we hit it off immediately and have remained friends now for over 39 years.  Karen made all the difference in my transition from Santa Rosa to Riverside.  She was a true friend.  Although she was wrong.  There were lots of adorable boys in the Riverside 4th Ward! Months go by between our visits, but as soon as we are together it's like we've never been apart.

There aren't very many pictures of us together,but this is from Karen's wedding in November, 1974 when I was her Maid of Honor. On July 12, 1975, she was my Maid of Honor
I am so grateful for the wonderful example her father, Bishop Bradford, was for me as a young woman.  I am even more grateful as an adult to learn what a truly amazing man he was and to have known and loved him.  This is the obituary that was printed in the Press Enterprise, p.C16, on Sunday, March 27 (Karen's birthday).  It barely scratches the surface of his great life.  His funeral was amazing. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting to Feel Like Home. . .

It has been almost 2 months since the big move, and it is slowly starting to feel like home.  We have been busy this past week hanging up pictures downstairs.  I love the stairwell and being able to hang all our family pictures.
Bottom of our stairs
It makes us smile each day we go down stairs and see pictures of our family over the years.
Top of the Stairs
More photos to come, but for now it felt good to have something, at least ONE thing, 100% done.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood Preschool

I am trying to getg a blog going for preschool, so that the info is easy to access. For now I just want to keep it simple with basic info. Then when school is in session I can use it for reminders, etc. This is what I have so far. I welcome any and all comments. I'm impressed with myself for figuring this out on blogger all on my own so far.(The tabs are called "pages".)