Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little cake with our frosting!

I love icing, frosting, whip cream. Love them all.  So I try to share that love with my children, nieces, nephews and my grandchildren.  When I ordered the cake at Costco none of the designs seemed to fit and they all had bright colors that make the icing taste bitter and we can't have that!  Why waste good buttercream icing?  So I got the brilliant idea to order the cake in all white since I knew 57 candles would be plenty of decorations, and give us lots of frosting to taste!
Dylan needed no instruction and snitched a fingerful
as soon as he could reach the cake.
Luke wasn't far behind him and even Austin got a taste!
Did I say I love frosting?

Happy Birthday Craig!

We have had a gala birthday weekend celebrating even though Craig's birthday isn't until Monday, March 29th.  He does not enjoy being in his 50's so it is one of the few things we can tease him about, so we put 57 candles on his cake and it brought new meaning to " a burning ring of fire".  It's a good thing he had Luke and Dylan to help him blow them all out. 

We are so glad Greg and Melissa's family is close by in Lake Elsinore, but when it's holiday or party time, we all really miss the rest of the family in Utah, Idaho
and Louisiana. 
Dylan loves to do puzzles and he will sit for a good hour and do the hardest puzzles that most of the preschoolers can't do.  As you can see he is barely balancing on the chair to get as close as possible.

I found some cute little 24 and 35 piece puzzles and we took them over that night and that's how we spent a good hour.  Dylan says "hmmm" as he tries to figure out where to put a difficult piece, it is so sweet.
Luke is a great puzzler as well.  This boy has always had the greatest smile!

All of a sudden our youngest grandchild has changed from a baby to a busy, crawling, jabbery little boy.  He is always so happy.

Austin loves the water and the bath is one of his favorite places. 
Melissa is such a cute Mom.  She's been busy painting 2 bathrooms and they look so cute.  This one is tiffany blue with brown accents.  Wehad such a fun evening with the Gargalis family --- thanks Greg and Meliss!

My Darling Primary Class!

Yesterday when I was working on my primary lesson Craig asked why I wasn't doing an Easter lesson. . . and I am so glad he remembered!  I LOVE Easter and all the music, stories and symbolism.  I am so grateful to know how precious it is in my life and what it means for my family.  However one of my pet peeves is when Easter falls on General Conference Sunday, because one gets short changed one way or the other.  Or maybe that is too strong of a statement and I should just say I am happier when they are on different days.  Sadly, Easter just seems to get shuffled to one side, and to add to that we had our Fast Sunday today.  What made it even worse was we only sang one Easter song and in Sharing Time it wasn't even mentioned.  Now, I'm certain it will be mentioned numerous times in General Conference next week, and our ward will have more Easter music the week after conference, but I still feel short-changed.I think another part of it is that we "celebrate" Easter each week as we partake of the Sacrament.  As members we strive to live the gospel daily, not just twice a year on Christmas and Easter or once a week on Sunday.  But. . . you can kind of see how people could misinterpret our "lack" of fuss over those 2 holidays and think we don't love the Saviour. 

 However, due to Craig's kind reminder I had the best primary class today and we had so much fun learning about the first Easter.  The kids were beyond adorable.  They were all angels and looked so darling, almost color coordinated.   I am so grateful to get to teach this sweet CTR 5 & 6 class, most of whom were in the nursery with me.  I happened to have my camera in my purse so I took these cute pictures:
Kennadi Lauderman, Ashlyn Danielson, Elise Abrego,
Jocelyn Raffidi, Jorge Abrego
Emily Deaton, Brody Worthington, Nathan Williamson and Nicole Albee
We missed Marcus Jackson and Ari Long today.

Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Obama's Day?

Jay Leno told a great joke last night.  I'll try not to butcher it:

"I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day yesterday.  St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland.  Now they want March 18 to be St. Obama's Day --- that's the day he drove all the democrats out of Washington, D.C."

This health care bill is making me crazy!!!  I just hope there will be someone who will stand up to that arrogant leadership!  It will be an interesting weekend. I'm so glad there's Fox News to give us the other side of the story!  Bless their hearts.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A day with our Renee

Renee was in town for Kim Mitchell and Wes Davenport's wedding, so we lucked out and got to spend all day Thursday with our favorite Idaho daughter-in-love! It was great timing because Melissa and the boys were there for preschool that day. Later that afternoon we took Melissa and Austin to the airport for their weekend adventure to Idaho to visit with Rebecca's family. (Check out Melissa's blog for pictures of the rest of the Idaho gang). It worked out perfectly that Melissa and Renee got to visit before she left. Renee stayed and had dinner with Craig and I and was able to visit with Greg when he came to pick up the boys after work. We had such a fun visit but it just makes us miss her all the more!
On Saturday we went to Kim & Wes's reception
at the Mission Inn in Riverside.
Kim was a beautiful bride and she had the most amazing dress!  It had such a pretty, vintage look to it.  The picture does not do it justice!

We sat at a fun table with some of our favorite friends: 
Scott & Diane Perkins, Greg & Karen Sterling and Russ & Cheri Hardy (I was bummed not to get a picture of the Hardy's).