Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Darling Primary Class!

Yesterday when I was working on my primary lesson Craig asked why I wasn't doing an Easter lesson. . . and I am so glad he remembered!  I LOVE Easter and all the music, stories and symbolism.  I am so grateful to know how precious it is in my life and what it means for my family.  However one of my pet peeves is when Easter falls on General Conference Sunday, because one gets short changed one way or the other.  Or maybe that is too strong of a statement and I should just say I am happier when they are on different days.  Sadly, Easter just seems to get shuffled to one side, and to add to that we had our Fast Sunday today.  What made it even worse was we only sang one Easter song and in Sharing Time it wasn't even mentioned.  Now, I'm certain it will be mentioned numerous times in General Conference next week, and our ward will have more Easter music the week after conference, but I still feel short-changed.I think another part of it is that we "celebrate" Easter each week as we partake of the Sacrament.  As members we strive to live the gospel daily, not just twice a year on Christmas and Easter or once a week on Sunday.  But. . . you can kind of see how people could misinterpret our "lack" of fuss over those 2 holidays and think we don't love the Saviour. 

 However, due to Craig's kind reminder I had the best primary class today and we had so much fun learning about the first Easter.  The kids were beyond adorable.  They were all angels and looked so darling, almost color coordinated.   I am so grateful to get to teach this sweet CTR 5 & 6 class, most of whom were in the nursery with me.  I happened to have my camera in my purse so I took these cute pictures:
Kennadi Lauderman, Ashlyn Danielson, Elise Abrego,
Jocelyn Raffidi, Jorge Abrego
Emily Deaton, Brody Worthington, Nathan Williamson and Nicole Albee
We missed Marcus Jackson and Ari Long today.


Holley Williamson said...

are the pictures showing up for you? I don't see them, just little red x's

Holley Williamson said...

hmmm, maybe it's just Blogger right now. Some other blogs have the same issue. I refreshed and saw some of the pics. Cute!

Maia said...

Hey I know those kids!!! Can you believe Larissa is a Sunbeam???

Miss all of you back in MoVal!