Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Pretty Princess Paige

Paige, our first grandchild is already 4 1/2. She has turned into a little person and we have such fun conversations. If you ask her a question, she'll say, "oh yes!" like she is all grown up. Paige loves all things princess. It was such a pretty morning I took this picture of her in a parking lot. Notice the beautiful Idaho sky and those flowers!

One day Paige had put about 6 barrettes in her hair and said,"Don't you want to take a picture of me while my hair looks so cute?"

She has become quite the budding artist, and she loves to color pictures of mermaids. All the mermaids have coconut bras, whether boy or girl. She also is an expert at ladybugs and spider webs with dew drops on them (ala the Tinkerbell movie).

This is the picture she sent Craig in his Father's Day Card. It's the mermaid versions of Paige and her Grampa (complete with brown hair and glasses). She's definitely gifted and talented!

I think she is almost ready to have the training wheels off her bike, she is such a good rider. I am so glad they live in a nice neighborhood where the girls can do that. When Rebecca goes on walks, Paige rides her bike now.

She is sure she is a princess and her dream is to marry her prince, her one true love, her Dad.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny, Funny Claire

Claire turned 2 the end of May and it has been quite an adventure for her with a new baby sister, a new home [with no grandparents or Uncle Josh], and a new hairdo.

She has mellowed so much and Mark says she must be like Sampson in the Bible, because she lost some of her spunk along with her curls!However, what's left of her hair is nice and thick, so she can still be a pistol.

I was so surprised how many new words and sentences she can say in just 6 short weeks. She loves and adores Reese, and if she hears her crying she is quick to come running and try to soothe her with, "that's okay". It is so sweet.

Claire wants to do everyhthing Paige does. Right now their favorite movies are Return to Neverland, Tinkerbell, and Wall-E. She knows all the characters and it so fun to watch her expressions. She loves "Peta Pan" "Cap An Hook" and "Wall-E and Eba".

I Left 1/6th of my Heart in Idaho. . .

It was fun to spend a week in Idaho with Mark and Rebecca and their girls in their new home in Star. It is such a pretty area, with trees, flowers, rivers and blue skies in abundance. I loved all the beautiful water features and pretty landscaping everywhere. Best of all, was spending time with my kids and grandkids---I added up all of my children and grandchildren and the Bryant's comprise over 1/6 of that group!

When I landed at the airport I expected to meet them outside, and while I was waiting for my luggage all of a sudden I heard the happy cries of "Grama! Grama!" and Paige and Claire came running at me! It was such a happy surprise, and it caught me off gaurd, so of course, the tears fell and I could barely talk! It was wonderful to be able to hug and kiss those little girls again and see the growth in 2 month old Reese, who I haven't seen since she was 2 weeks old.

We spent the week hanging out and it was nice to help Rebecca run a few errands, like Reese's 2 month check-up, Claire's 2 year check up and getting the girls pictures taken. We ventured out to Target and Wal-mart, and Rebecca was able to get her hair cut and run some other errands that are a challenge with 3 little ones.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is a dumb post, but I need help! I have searched high and low for 3 of my very favorite books and my brain cells cannot recall who I've lent them too (or if I even loaned them at all). Usually I like to keep passing around books, but every now and then there are those keepers that I write my name in and save on my bookshelf. This is what they look like:

INTO THE WILDERNESS and OUTLANDER are paperbacks and DAWN ON A DISTANT SHORE is hardcover. I think there actually might might be 2 addtional books by Sara Donati. They are special to me because the Donati books have signed bookplates from the author and they all have my book group notes in them. If anyone has a clue, please leave me a comment or email or call or leave it on the doorstep! I've looked high and low and can't find them anywhere. Thanks!!!