Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is a dumb post, but I need help! I have searched high and low for 3 of my very favorite books and my brain cells cannot recall who I've lent them too (or if I even loaned them at all). Usually I like to keep passing around books, but every now and then there are those keepers that I write my name in and save on my bookshelf. This is what they look like:

INTO THE WILDERNESS and OUTLANDER are paperbacks and DAWN ON A DISTANT SHORE is hardcover. I think there actually might might be 2 addtional books by Sara Donati. They are special to me because the Donati books have signed bookplates from the author and they all have my book group notes in them. If anyone has a clue, please leave me a comment or email or call or leave it on the doorstep! I've looked high and low and can't find them anywhere. Thanks!!!


melissa gargalis said...

did you ask Aunt Suzy? I don't have them and they totally don't look familiar.

Donna said...

Lisa it was good to hear from you. You must be having a blast with all those grandkids.