Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny, Funny Claire

Claire turned 2 the end of May and it has been quite an adventure for her with a new baby sister, a new home [with no grandparents or Uncle Josh], and a new hairdo.

She has mellowed so much and Mark says she must be like Sampson in the Bible, because she lost some of her spunk along with her curls!However, what's left of her hair is nice and thick, so she can still be a pistol.

I was so surprised how many new words and sentences she can say in just 6 short weeks. She loves and adores Reese, and if she hears her crying she is quick to come running and try to soothe her with, "that's okay". It is so sweet.

Claire wants to do everyhthing Paige does. Right now their favorite movies are Return to Neverland, Tinkerbell, and Wall-E. She knows all the characters and it so fun to watch her expressions. She loves "Peta Pan" "Cap An Hook" and "Wall-E and Eba".

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melissa gargalis said...

the girls are SO big! Reese especially. She looks so different now. I can see a litte Rogers-y look to her, but she has her own look from Claire and Paige. I miss them even more now!