Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Pretty Princess Paige

Paige, our first grandchild is already 4 1/2. She has turned into a little person and we have such fun conversations. If you ask her a question, she'll say, "oh yes!" like she is all grown up. Paige loves all things princess. It was such a pretty morning I took this picture of her in a parking lot. Notice the beautiful Idaho sky and those flowers!

One day Paige had put about 6 barrettes in her hair and said,"Don't you want to take a picture of me while my hair looks so cute?"

She has become quite the budding artist, and she loves to color pictures of mermaids. All the mermaids have coconut bras, whether boy or girl. She also is an expert at ladybugs and spider webs with dew drops on them (ala the Tinkerbell movie).

This is the picture she sent Craig in his Father's Day Card. It's the mermaid versions of Paige and her Grampa (complete with brown hair and glasses). She's definitely gifted and talented!

I think she is almost ready to have the training wheels off her bike, she is such a good rider. I am so glad they live in a nice neighborhood where the girls can do that. When Rebecca goes on walks, Paige rides her bike now.

She is sure she is a princess and her dream is to marry her prince, her one true love, her Dad.

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