Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Beach Boys

After our lovely June gloom, July has arrived with 95+ degrees, as well as a bit of humidity and the dreadful smog and haze. Melissa and I decided to beat the heat by taking the boys to the beach today.

Luke and Dylan loved playing in the sand. Luke was so cute chasing the waves and the tide was low so it was a perfect day for little ones. I loved playing with Luke in the water.

Dylan, however did not enjoy the water, and was even frightened. We don't know if it was the cold or what, but he was content playing in the sand. He was very serious shoveling sand and dumping it in and out of the buckets-over and over and over again. So, Melissa and I traded off on water duty and sand duty, although I think I got to spend the most time in the water with Luke.
The ravishing Melissa, 34 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I think she looks so adorable in this picture. ( She gave me permission to use this picture).

Okay, in fairness to Melissa, here's one of me building a sand castle with the boys. They preferred knocking down, to actual building, but it was so much fun to play in the wet sand. What is it about the ocean air that is so soothing? Ahhh, it was such a nice day.

COMING TOMORROW: Jamie, Kaylee and Blake will be here for a week. Yippee!!!


Sean, Jen and Carson said...

I love that picture of Melissa! She is so beautiful, isn't she?

Da Bergs said...

I am so dang jealous! I cant wait to have grandbabies to take to the beach!!!