Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Summer Surprise

Jamie called and asked what we were doing for the 4th of July, and when we told her we had no plans, she asked us if we'd like some visitors. Of course we said YES! So two days later, Jamie made the trek with 5 month old Blake and 2 1/2 year old Kaylee.
We haven't seen Blake since he was blessed in April, and he has grown like crazy! This adorable baby looks a lot like Luke at that age. He is a good mix of Ben, Jamie and Kaylee. Aunt Melissa and Dylan bonding. Melissa is due in 4 weeks (hopefully less--- the boys were both early).
We had a fun cousin day at Melissa's in Lake Elsinore. We mad a quick trip to the outlet mall, and someone had the bright idea to get ice cream cones while the Jamie and Melissa shopped at 10:30 in the morning. Kaylee was too busy with her ice cream to smile, but Luke is always willing to say, "Cheeeeese, Grama".
Dylan was pretty happy to have his own cone. Then it was back to Melissa's to play in the pool.

Jamie already has her girlish figure back. No wonder she's in such good shape lugging around this 17 lb. kid all day! Melissa has a nice little 2' pool and Luke was happy to show us all his new swimming technique from lessons. I wish I had a picture of him in action. He is a little fish and has the cutest tan. You can see him a little bit swimming behind Blake.

Kaylee enjoyed playing in the water while Dylan was just as happy in the little wading pool splashing and throwing things in the bigger pool (rats- no picture of Dylan).

Melissa had this cute little floatie and Luke wasn't so sure at first, but he enjoyed it so much, he started to doze off. After lunch and popsicles, it was a fun day and the kids all took great naps!
Melissa and I are still missing those darn Bryant's on days like this, especially at the Outlet Mall and when the cousins are together. When Rebecca was here, we always missed Jamie. It's a vicious cycle!

On Monday morning, Suzy, Trevor and Sarah stopped by on their way home from vacation in Utah. Even though they live in San Diego we never see them enough. They had just left Ben and Josh in Provo the day before.

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