Friday, July 10, 2009

On The Road Again

Nick and Renee are off to Star, Idaho. Craig is driving the moving truck for them and then he will fly home. (Just like he did with the Bryant's 2 months ago). Mark calls Craig "The Master" when it comes to packing a moving truck, and this time was no exception. The truck and both cars are filled to the max. They left this morning at 6 a.m. You can even see a bit of sunrise in the background.
Nick works with Mark in a different division of the same company. Renee has been job hunting in the Boise-Meridian-Nampa areas and has had some good phone interviews. Hopefully she will get a teaching position soon. While Nick was saying the prayer this morning I started to ache already. We will miss them so much! We feel so blessed to have had our kids and grandkdids so close by for the past 10 years. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming year with all these changes.
NEXT UP: Melissa's baby is due August 10, but we are hoping she is early again, because Ben graduates from BYU and will be commisioned on Aug 13. The next week the Army will pack them up and Jamie and the kids will be staying with us while he is in training for 6 months before they go to Ft. Polk, Louisiana. It was the first time I haven't lost it when Jamie left yesterday, because I know we'll get to see them sooner than later this time. I am so grateful we'll have them here for awhile, and that Melissa's family is still close by.

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melissa gargalis said...

wow, lots of posts. Those moving pictures of Nick and Renee are so sad. Family get togethers just won't be the least we'll have something to look forward to when we all get together again.