Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I don't know what's worse. Doing the splits in mid-air without planning to, or being unable to put on pants and shoes so that when there's an earthquake you are only wearing a night shirt? TRUE STORY: Yesterday at 11:42 we had a 5.4 earthquake, centered in Chino Hills. I was upstairs on the bed (where I've lived the past 3 days) so it shakes ten times as much upstairs! I was trying to decide whether or not to reinjure my leg by putting on a pair of capris, make a "run" for it in my night shirt and bad leg, or just let the earthquake get me. The earthquake seemed like a big one to me, but fortunately, it was all okay. Today, however, I have managed to put on some baggy capris and I know right where the shoes and purse are. . . This summer is just getting better every day!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


I just didn't think I would be 52 years old, stark naked, and in the shower shaving my legs. . . I know, this may be way too much information for most of you, so you might want to stop reading now!

We have a tub/shower combo and I was just finishing up my shower before church Sunday morning, when I slipped while shaving my legs. All of a sudden my leg that was down slipped out from under me and the leg that was up stayed there! Not only did I do the splits, but I did it in mid-air. HOLY IT HURT LIKE CRAZY. I hollered for Craig, who thankfully was in the bedroom and came to my rescue, and has been taking good care of me. He hurt his shoulder at work 4 weeks ago so with his one good arm and my one good leg I managed to get out of the tub and hobble to the bed. It was actually funny. Fortunately, it didn't feel like I'd broken anything:I could rotate my ankle, wiggle my toes, flex and point my foot, there was no swelling. My knee, hip and head seemed okay. So, I've been icing it ever since and it is still so sore I holler when I have to move. I can walk, cautiously, but I can't sit down, turn or do anything that involves using my right thigh and glute muscles. ARGGGHHHH!!!!!! It has taken the phrase "pain in the butt" to an entirely new level for me and I have learned that is much greater than a slight irritation as I previously thought. A pain in the butt and thigh is brutal!

I called the advise nurse just to make sure that I was doing the right thing, and after she asked all her questions she advised me to go in and get an evaluation. I asked her what the treatment would be that would be worth the agony of going down stairs, and in and out of a car. Not to mention getting dressed. The nurse said she didn't have a magic wand so I figured I would tough it out with ice and tylenol. ( I have a kidney condition so I can't take motrin or advil, or the vicodan that was so lovingly offerred by not one, but two of my friends at church when Craig shared my exploits with them. It's good to have friends!)

Anyway, so here I very carefully sit 36 hours after the fact thinking what the heck am I going to do about this? I've already read 2 books and watched HGTV until I could probably win Design Superstar. I can always look forward to "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, DANCE, DANCE" on Wednesday night and finally vote for Twitch --- I'm so glad Will went home instead of him. Tomorrow my goal is going to be to figure out how I can sit and scrapbook with my leg elevated? It might not happen. Good times.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's that time of year to firm up my preschool list for fall. (Did I say fall?) Summer is zipping by much too quickly. I still have a few openings, so please spread the word and/or contact me with any questions. This year I will have just one class on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-12:00. The only prerequisite is 100% potty trained and bathroom independent. Preschool will begin on September 2.

This will be my 16th year teaching preschool, and I am a firm believer that play is a child's work, and that preschool social skills are vital to being successful in kindergarten. Learning how to take turns, share, work with a group, and follow directions are big challenges for preschoolers. I also feel strongly that we can have many wonderful learning experiences while we are playing and singing together.

Give me a call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Rogers

Saturday, July 12, 2008



Today is our 33rd anniversary. It's hard to remember not being part of Craig and Lissa Rogers. Craig is the greatest husband, father and grandfather. For a man that wasn't old enough to be a grandfather or, sleep with a grandmother, he is the favorite of 4 of our 5 grandkids! (Dylan thank you for still liking me the best) Craig has always been so patient and supportive and laid back. He is so calm and easy going. He will never have a heart attack unless I finally push him over the edge! It is interesting that over the years he has toned me down quite a bit (huge understatement) and I'd like to think that I have helped him be more expressive and self confident. Best of all, we have 5 wonderful kids and we love their spouses and our 5 grandkids (with Ben and Jamie expecting #6 in Feb). The joy of our life is to just be with our little family. One thing that we are most proud of is that our kids are friends and they are good to each other. It will be fun to see what adventures we have in the next 33 years!