Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I don't know what's worse. Doing the splits in mid-air without planning to, or being unable to put on pants and shoes so that when there's an earthquake you are only wearing a night shirt? TRUE STORY: Yesterday at 11:42 we had a 5.4 earthquake, centered in Chino Hills. I was upstairs on the bed (where I've lived the past 3 days) so it shakes ten times as much upstairs! I was trying to decide whether or not to reinjure my leg by putting on a pair of capris, make a "run" for it in my night shirt and bad leg, or just let the earthquake get me. The earthquake seemed like a big one to me, but fortunately, it was all okay. Today, however, I have managed to put on some baggy capris and I know right where the shoes and purse are. . . This summer is just getting better every day!!!

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da Bergs said...

At least you had SOMETHING on... you did right??? °Ü°