Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disneyland with Jamie & Melissa

DISCLAIMER:  This is a super  long post. Even for me.  Too much fun and too many cute pictures!
Jamie and Melissa's blogs have tons more pictures to get the whole story.

We picked a great day - perfect weather, not too crowded, and even got awesome seats for the parade!

One of the first things that we did when Jamie, Blake and Kaylee were here the end of June was to hurry and go to Disneyland before it was too crowded and our passes were blocked out for the summer.  There are seashells embedded in the cement where the lines are, and the kids loved that.  Such a cute touch. 

We hurried to California Adventure to ride the new Little Mermaid Ride.  There is a ton of contrruction there, so it was hard to find our way around, but after a very long detour, we were pleasantly surprised with a short line.  The ride is set up like the Haunted Mansion.  You ride in giant seashell shaped "cars" and you begin by going backwards and downhill.  When you look up, you see  a very cool scene of Ariel and Flounder, then when you return to front facing it takes you through the darling story of the Little Mermaid. 
The ride ends with Prince Eric and his bride Princess Ariel waving goodbye while King Triton looks on.  I wish those pictures had turned out, but you get the idea.
I got to ride with Dylan
 The Little Mermaid is near and dear to our hearts. The grandkids all love it, and it was Paige's favorite for a long time.It's my ring tone when I call Rebecca so the girls always answer and I get to hear those sweet little Idaho voices!   But we first loved the Little Mermaid when Josh was little. WILLOW and "MERLAID" were his 2 favorite movies when we arrived in the VCR world.
While we were in CA Adventure we raced over the detours to the Toy Story ride.  It seems like half the time we try that ride it is shut down.  So we lucked out because not only was it open, but Jessie and Woodie were there to greet us, and they are favorites of one and all.  It was a challenge for us throughout the day to get all 5 grandkids in the pictures.
The two-year-old boys did not enjoy waiting in line.  This was a recurrent theme for us throughout the day. It was nice that Craig had an eye problem that day so he could go with us [he just couldn't see going to work].
Aunt Jamie saved the day with lollipops for everyone.  Those little dum-dum suckers are a great secret weapon!

I got to ride with Kaylee

Our timing was great all morning.  Craig and I waited in line for the Playhouse Disney show while the kids all went on the Monster's Inc ride.  We were able to be in the front of the line, so we got great seats and everyone had a snack while we waited. 
Mickey's Clubhouse is the first segment.  The story is about working together to throw a surprise party for Minnie Mouse.
Then Handy Manny fixes the bubble machine for Minnie's party.
And the room is filled with bubbles.  It is so magical!
Next is our favorite Little Einsteins.  They have a race with Big Blue Jet.
The new favorite is Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  The kids can sing-along with all the songs.
Captain Hook and Mr. Smee were there
And every now and then the 2 pirate singers would pop up and sing just like on the show.
At the end, gold tissue paper and mylar "dubloons" floated down.
 Once again, so magical and the kids just love it.  Then it ends back at Minnie's Party with streamers shooting out.  I never get tired of sitting on the floor and watching the children in awe of their favorite Disney TV stars.  Plus it's nice and air conditioned.
The only picture with all 5!  It was really nice having them all
in matching colors.  It made counting noses much, much easier!
At Disneyland we had more fun!  We visited the enchanted tiki room where Austin was as much etnertainment as the show with his dancing skills.  We all hopped on the jungle cruise and rode the train. We ended up at Small World and got out just in time to get a perfect spot for the parade. 
The new "MICKEY'S SOUNDSATIONAL PARADE" was the best!  All the favorites were there, divided up by different styles of music.  Lots of princesses and movie favorites.  We scored and had a group of Disneyland employees sit behind us so we got lots of waves, handshakes and high fives. 
Kaylee and Blake were out before we even hit the freeway!  When you come to the end of a perfect day. . .
I have yet to tire of this magical, wonderful place. 
I am so grateful for  season pass bargains for residwents of southern California.!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Louisiana Kids are Here!!!

It is such a treat to have Jamie, Kaylee and Blake here from DeRidder Louisiana.  One of the many perks of having them here visiting is that we get to talk to Ben a lot more.  He calls and emails Jamie whenever he can.  Sometimes it's daily and other times quick emails have to hold her.  There is a 12.5 hour time difference between us and Afghanistan. Ben will be home in October.  It's been a L-O-N-G year for all of them.  Jamie is our hero as much as Ben is!

We have a fun 2 weeks planned, that include Disneyland, The Blueberry Farm, Movies, Girls day out at Glen Ivy, The 4th of July, The Beach, A visit with Josh & Krista and more!  So it will be a glorious time for one and all.

 It is especially nice to live 2 doors down from Melissa & Greg so the cousins can play and the Mom's can visit and catch up.  One of my favorite things is that my kids and their spouses all get along and truly enjoy being together.  Another one of my favorite things is watching the darling cousins together.  The. best. ever.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Skye's first babysitter

Today Aunt Rebecca babysat Skye while her Mom & Dad went out for the first time without her.  Reese was happy to help!  I loved receiving these pictures on my phone.
 Skye will be five months old on Monday, June 13
Oh how I adore these Idao girls, and the other two that aren't in these photos!  Thanks, Rebecca for the glorious texts!!!