Saturday, August 27, 2011

36 Hours With My Sisters

The very lucky Kirk Jacobson gets all 3 of the Landes sisters' to himself all weekend!

My sister, Suzy from San Diego and I flew up to Utah so we could attend the wedding reception of our favorite nephew, the son of the other sister, Dana, who lives all the way in upstate New York.  Which means we hardly ever get to see her or spend time together. 
So we made a fast trip and flew in on Friday and flew home on Sunday. 

Saturday morning we all went to breakfast at Kneaders, and then went to Danny&Danielle's cute basement apartment to open presents.  I love this picture of the Jakes.  Just wish Ty was there too. 
Maybe it was  just too much of a good thing for Kirk. . .

After opening presents we went with Dana, Kirk and Kate to BYU to see her dorm room in Helaman Halls and take some photos.  Then we all went our separate ways and us girls snagged Mom, left Dad reading
[AKA napping] at the hotel and did the town. 

We had lunch at Cafe Rio, and I like it
 It's good food, love the pork, (have the recipe) but it's too crowded and squishy and noisy.  And I can tolerate noise more than most people. After lunch we did a little shopping and I was homesick for Jamie at Hobby Lobby.  Then for fun, we went to the BYU bookstore and Wal-mart with every other parent/relative dropping off their student that weekend.  
Good times were had by all. 
 Even though Suzy is blinking, I had to include this picture.  We tend to get the giggles. Our children call it "cackling".  It's just one of the things we do when we are together that makes us happy.  And it frightens our children because we all laugh the same, and we've been known to confuse our favorite nieces and nephews on the phone.
Kirk wasn't quite as happy as we were, however, and we were lucky to find this gas station in the greater Provo-Orem area.  It's a good thing we didn't have to wait in line. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Marriage of Alaska & New York

 Where do you get married if the groom is from New York, the bride is from Alaska,
and they are both attending school at BYU???
 You have a destination wedding
at the Laie Hawaii Temple!

Then you have a lovely beach reception and get to wear shorts and frolic in the ocean. 
 But wait!  Since it was so far away, the groom's extended family was not able to share in the big day.
Bless their hearts, they had a reception in Utah on August 26th
At the Highland Gardens reception center in American Fork.  The hanging baskets and flowers in the entry way were so beautiful. 
The interior was a beautiful greenhouse, with a glass roof and it was magical with the lights and stars
 We are so glad Danielle likes our Danny.  She is an amazing girl.  She did all the flowers for the reception and helped with the cake in her spare time. When they were dating we called her Alaska.( just like we referred to our Krista as Kentucky).
Here's the Landes bunch: Grampa, Cameron Jacobson (just home from his mission in Texas, San Antonio) The Bride & Groom, Kirk Jacobson (f.o.t.g.), Katie Jacobson, Josh & Krista Rogers, Aunt Suzy Burningham, Dana Jacobson (m.o.t.g.), Aunt Lissa Rogers and Grama.
 Here we are, the sisters with our boys and their beautiful brides
Here's our niece, Katie, on her way to her freshman year at the BY
with her favorite Aunt Lissa and Aunt Suzy.
The Bride and Groom with His Honor, the Mayor, and First Lady of Parowan Utah.
  I never get to spend enough time with Kirk and Dana.  They are joining the Extreme Empty Nesters Club , with all 4 of their children living in the Provo area this year. 
Almost all the New York Jake family.  We really missed Ty, Amber, Haylee and Hudson. 
Provo, Utah will be home to all these adorable Landes cousins. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!!!

It is so much fun having these
little girls in our home this week!
We haven't seen the Bryant's for 4 months. 
After having them close by for 5 years, 
 I don't know if we'll ever get  used to them
 living all the way in Idaho, even though it's been
over 2 years since they moved!
There is nothing sweeter than a child fresh from the tub,
with washed hair and jamies on. 

I love the way the girls play with the princess sets. 
 Paige used to line them all up when she was little. 
Now, Mark is teaching them to alphabetize them and
 put them in order by their "age" of the princess.
Paige is such a good little artist.  Her sisters are already
 follwing in her footsteps.  Paige was coloring a list for
Rebecca to remind her what snacks to pack.  So far
she has goldfish crackers and lollipops.
2 year old Reese isalready potty trained.  Her Aunt Melissa is amazed!
Reese is talking up a storm. 
 It is so fun to excperience  her cute, chatty vocabulary.
She has such funny mannerisms and expressions!
Grampa was in heaven with 3 of his 5 granddaughters home. 
Reese was comfortable with him right away, which melted his heart.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to the Beach!

On Saturday we all went back to Oceanside, and this time we brought the men folk.
Once again, with creative control Mark and I will not appear in any pictures this post.
Rebecca and Reese
Craig was a good sport.  Since he works in the sun all day,
 he doesn't get it  why we love the beach. 
Plus he doesn't like to swim.  Or enjoy sand everywhere. 
That's what an awesome Dad and Grampa he is-
anything for his girls!!
Melissa and Austin, almost 2 on August 9th
 Uncle Greg was in the water helping Luke and Paige boogey board  most of the day.
 Paige is fearless like Luke.  They love the water and have no fear of the waves.
 Luke catching a wave
 Paige's turn to catch a wave
Paige and Uncle Greg
There she goes!
  Way to go, Paigey!
 That's our Luke.  Check out the muscles.

Claire and Luke
Greg and Austin
Ever since their beach camping trip,
Dylan doesn't enjoy the water anymore.
Dylan just turned 4 and finally
potty trained in the nick of time!
Cute Claire with Luke, Austin and Uncle Greg

Luke loves the beach, between the waves
and the sand crabs, he could stay all day!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cousin Time

Our darling daughters, Melissa and Rebecca
It is always fun when the Bryant Girls and the Gargalis boys
get together. Isn't interesting that we have one daughter with
 all boys and the other daughter with all girls?
Ben has one of each. Nick has one daughter so far.

I adore Fisher-Price toys.  And since
I"ve become a grandmother, I have the best preschool toys. 
Or, on the other hand, because I'm a preschool teacher,
 I have the best Grama toys! 
 All the kids love the cute little Fisher Price Snap 'n Style Friends.  They have hard plastic clothes that snap on and cute shoes and accessories.  They have long hair that is easy to brush and doesn't get tangled.  What's not to love?
 The funny thing is that the boys love these as much as the girls.  The only squabbles were between siblings over who had what accessory. 
 I've watched for them to go on sale at Kohl's, and ordered a few outfits from the Fisher Price store online .  Now I have 3 blondes and 3 brunettes so everyone can play nice.  Paige loves the doll with brown hair and eyes like hers. Those girls play so cute together and love to play pretend and make up scenarios.  Paige especially loves "directing" their play, and has definite ideas about who should play what role. 
It cooled off enough to play out in the backyard a few times.
 They all love to climb on the fort and play with the balls and hula hoops.
 We have had a little tykes fort like this since 1989!  It was a gift from Santa, and that night all 5 of our kids slept in it.  All night long.  True story.  I wish I had the documentation to prove it.  That might be when they began the tradition of all sleeping in the same room on Christmas Eve.  A tradition they continued even after they got married. . . It was all their idea!  I can't take credit for that one  : )