Friday, August 5, 2011

Cousin Time

Our darling daughters, Melissa and Rebecca
It is always fun when the Bryant Girls and the Gargalis boys
get together. Isn't interesting that we have one daughter with
 all boys and the other daughter with all girls?
Ben has one of each. Nick has one daughter so far.

I adore Fisher-Price toys.  And since
I"ve become a grandmother, I have the best preschool toys. 
Or, on the other hand, because I'm a preschool teacher,
 I have the best Grama toys! 
 All the kids love the cute little Fisher Price Snap 'n Style Friends.  They have hard plastic clothes that snap on and cute shoes and accessories.  They have long hair that is easy to brush and doesn't get tangled.  What's not to love?
 The funny thing is that the boys love these as much as the girls.  The only squabbles were between siblings over who had what accessory. 
 I've watched for them to go on sale at Kohl's, and ordered a few outfits from the Fisher Price store online .  Now I have 3 blondes and 3 brunettes so everyone can play nice.  Paige loves the doll with brown hair and eyes like hers. Those girls play so cute together and love to play pretend and make up scenarios.  Paige especially loves "directing" their play, and has definite ideas about who should play what role. 
It cooled off enough to play out in the backyard a few times.
 They all love to climb on the fort and play with the balls and hula hoops.
 We have had a little tykes fort like this since 1989!  It was a gift from Santa, and that night all 5 of our kids slept in it.  All night long.  True story.  I wish I had the documentation to prove it.  That might be when they began the tradition of all sleeping in the same room on Christmas Eve.  A tradition they continued even after they got married. . . It was all their idea!  I can't take credit for that one  : )

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