Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to the Beach!

On Saturday we all went back to Oceanside, and this time we brought the men folk.
Once again, with creative control Mark and I will not appear in any pictures this post.
Rebecca and Reese
Craig was a good sport.  Since he works in the sun all day,
 he doesn't get it  why we love the beach. 
Plus he doesn't like to swim.  Or enjoy sand everywhere. 
That's what an awesome Dad and Grampa he is-
anything for his girls!!
Melissa and Austin, almost 2 on August 9th
 Uncle Greg was in the water helping Luke and Paige boogey board  most of the day.
 Paige is fearless like Luke.  They love the water and have no fear of the waves.
 Luke catching a wave
 Paige's turn to catch a wave
Paige and Uncle Greg
There she goes!
  Way to go, Paigey!
 That's our Luke.  Check out the muscles.

Claire and Luke
Greg and Austin
Ever since their beach camping trip,
Dylan doesn't enjoy the water anymore.
Dylan just turned 4 and finally
potty trained in the nick of time!
Cute Claire with Luke, Austin and Uncle Greg

Luke loves the beach, between the waves
and the sand crabs, he could stay all day!

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