Friday, August 26, 2011

The Marriage of Alaska & New York

 Where do you get married if the groom is from New York, the bride is from Alaska,
and they are both attending school at BYU???
 You have a destination wedding
at the Laie Hawaii Temple!

Then you have a lovely beach reception and get to wear shorts and frolic in the ocean. 
 But wait!  Since it was so far away, the groom's extended family was not able to share in the big day.
Bless their hearts, they had a reception in Utah on August 26th
At the Highland Gardens reception center in American Fork.  The hanging baskets and flowers in the entry way were so beautiful. 
The interior was a beautiful greenhouse, with a glass roof and it was magical with the lights and stars
 We are so glad Danielle likes our Danny.  She is an amazing girl.  She did all the flowers for the reception and helped with the cake in her spare time. When they were dating we called her Alaska.( just like we referred to our Krista as Kentucky).
Here's the Landes bunch: Grampa, Cameron Jacobson (just home from his mission in Texas, San Antonio) The Bride & Groom, Kirk Jacobson (f.o.t.g.), Katie Jacobson, Josh & Krista Rogers, Aunt Suzy Burningham, Dana Jacobson (m.o.t.g.), Aunt Lissa Rogers and Grama.
 Here we are, the sisters with our boys and their beautiful brides
Here's our niece, Katie, on her way to her freshman year at the BY
with her favorite Aunt Lissa and Aunt Suzy.
The Bride and Groom with His Honor, the Mayor, and First Lady of Parowan Utah.
  I never get to spend enough time with Kirk and Dana.  They are joining the Extreme Empty Nesters Club , with all 4 of their children living in the Provo area this year. 
Almost all the New York Jake family.  We really missed Ty, Amber, Haylee and Hudson. 
Provo, Utah will be home to all these adorable Landes cousins. 

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