Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!!!

It is so much fun having these
little girls in our home this week!
We haven't seen the Bryant's for 4 months. 
After having them close by for 5 years, 
 I don't know if we'll ever get  used to them
 living all the way in Idaho, even though it's been
over 2 years since they moved!
There is nothing sweeter than a child fresh from the tub,
with washed hair and jamies on. 

I love the way the girls play with the princess sets. 
 Paige used to line them all up when she was little. 
Now, Mark is teaching them to alphabetize them and
 put them in order by their "age" of the princess.
Paige is such a good little artist.  Her sisters are already
 follwing in her footsteps.  Paige was coloring a list for
Rebecca to remind her what snacks to pack.  So far
she has goldfish crackers and lollipops.
2 year old Reese isalready potty trained.  Her Aunt Melissa is amazed!
Reese is talking up a storm. 
 It is so fun to excperience  her cute, chatty vocabulary.
She has such funny mannerisms and expressions!
Grampa was in heaven with 3 of his 5 granddaughters home. 
Reese was comfortable with him right away, which melted his heart.

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