Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Beach and The Bryant's

Happy cousins: Paige 6 1/2, Luke 5 and Claire 4
Bless Mark Bryant's heart!!!!! He was able to work out a business trip to California right at the time his brother, Matt was blessing his new baby. Matt lives just 20 minutes away from us in Mennifee. What better to do during his week of working - letting  Rebecca, Paige, Claire and Reese stay with us! We had so much fun with the Bryant's here for 10 days! 
Luke taught the girls the fine art of catching sand crabs.

Austin and Reese weren't interested in the water but had so much fun digging in the sand. 

Paige the Mermaid

The Bryant girls at the beach in Oceanside

We "planted" seashells for the kids to find and they were a big hit and quite the treasures.

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