Saturday, August 27, 2011

36 Hours With My Sisters

The very lucky Kirk Jacobson gets all 3 of the Landes sisters' to himself all weekend!

My sister, Suzy from San Diego and I flew up to Utah so we could attend the wedding reception of our favorite nephew, the son of the other sister, Dana, who lives all the way in upstate New York.  Which means we hardly ever get to see her or spend time together. 
So we made a fast trip and flew in on Friday and flew home on Sunday. 

Saturday morning we all went to breakfast at Kneaders, and then went to Danny&Danielle's cute basement apartment to open presents.  I love this picture of the Jakes.  Just wish Ty was there too. 
Maybe it was  just too much of a good thing for Kirk. . .

After opening presents we went with Dana, Kirk and Kate to BYU to see her dorm room in Helaman Halls and take some photos.  Then we all went our separate ways and us girls snagged Mom, left Dad reading
[AKA napping] at the hotel and did the town. 

We had lunch at Cafe Rio, and I like it
 It's good food, love the pork, (have the recipe) but it's too crowded and squishy and noisy.  And I can tolerate noise more than most people. After lunch we did a little shopping and I was homesick for Jamie at Hobby Lobby.  Then for fun, we went to the BYU bookstore and Wal-mart with every other parent/relative dropping off their student that weekend.  
Good times were had by all. 
 Even though Suzy is blinking, I had to include this picture.  We tend to get the giggles. Our children call it "cackling".  It's just one of the things we do when we are together that makes us happy.  And it frightens our children because we all laugh the same, and we've been known to confuse our favorite nieces and nephews on the phone.
Kirk wasn't quite as happy as we were, however, and we were lucky to find this gas station in the greater Provo-Orem area.  It's a good thing we didn't have to wait in line. 

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