Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Left 1/6th of my Heart in Idaho. . .

It was fun to spend a week in Idaho with Mark and Rebecca and their girls in their new home in Star. It is such a pretty area, with trees, flowers, rivers and blue skies in abundance. I loved all the beautiful water features and pretty landscaping everywhere. Best of all, was spending time with my kids and grandkids---I added up all of my children and grandchildren and the Bryant's comprise over 1/6 of that group!

When I landed at the airport I expected to meet them outside, and while I was waiting for my luggage all of a sudden I heard the happy cries of "Grama! Grama!" and Paige and Claire came running at me! It was such a happy surprise, and it caught me off gaurd, so of course, the tears fell and I could barely talk! It was wonderful to be able to hug and kiss those little girls again and see the growth in 2 month old Reese, who I haven't seen since she was 2 weeks old.

We spent the week hanging out and it was nice to help Rebecca run a few errands, like Reese's 2 month check-up, Claire's 2 year check up and getting the girls pictures taken. We ventured out to Target and Wal-mart, and Rebecca was able to get her hair cut and run some other errands that are a challenge with 3 little ones.

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