Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Craig!

We have had a gala birthday weekend celebrating even though Craig's birthday isn't until Monday, March 29th.  He does not enjoy being in his 50's so it is one of the few things we can tease him about, so we put 57 candles on his cake and it brought new meaning to " a burning ring of fire".  It's a good thing he had Luke and Dylan to help him blow them all out. 

We are so glad Greg and Melissa's family is close by in Lake Elsinore, but when it's holiday or party time, we all really miss the rest of the family in Utah, Idaho
and Louisiana. 
Dylan loves to do puzzles and he will sit for a good hour and do the hardest puzzles that most of the preschoolers can't do.  As you can see he is barely balancing on the chair to get as close as possible.

I found some cute little 24 and 35 piece puzzles and we took them over that night and that's how we spent a good hour.  Dylan says "hmmm" as he tries to figure out where to put a difficult piece, it is so sweet.
Luke is a great puzzler as well.  This boy has always had the greatest smile!

All of a sudden our youngest grandchild has changed from a baby to a busy, crawling, jabbery little boy.  He is always so happy.

Austin loves the water and the bath is one of his favorite places. 
Melissa is such a cute Mom.  She's been busy painting 2 bathrooms and they look so cute.  This one is tiffany blue with brown accents.  Wehad such a fun evening with the Gargalis family --- thanks Greg and Meliss!

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