Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little cake with our frosting!

I love icing, frosting, whip cream. Love them all.  So I try to share that love with my children, nieces, nephews and my grandchildren.  When I ordered the cake at Costco none of the designs seemed to fit and they all had bright colors that make the icing taste bitter and we can't have that!  Why waste good buttercream icing?  So I got the brilliant idea to order the cake in all white since I knew 57 candles would be plenty of decorations, and give us lots of frosting to taste!
Dylan needed no instruction and snitched a fingerful
as soon as he could reach the cake.
Luke wasn't far behind him and even Austin got a taste!
Did I say I love frosting?


MarkandBec said...

Too cute! The girls would've been all over that too- Paige was looking at the pictures & said "but I want to go to Grampa's party... how come we couldn't go too?" We miss you tons & can't wait until June!!!

Jamie said...

As would the Louisiana kids! Wish we were there to celebrate with everyone. Love and miss you tons!