Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Good Old Days!

I just came across this picture and I hadn't seen it for years.  I immediately scanned it so I could post it here and on Facebook.  This was such a happy time in my life, and I am still in touch with Gregg, Marian, Ronna and Becky.  I just did the math and I cannot believe that this was almost 40 years ago!  I am extremely grateful that I labeled the picture back when it was taken.  I'm afraid today I would not have remembered all those names, or that Jodi was hiding behind Diane!
1971-72 Freshman & Sophomore Seimainry Class,
Montgomery High School, Santa Rosa, CA

 1971-1972 SEMINARY CLASS (Old Testament). 
Front row: Ron Cook, Jeff Foulger, Bob Eller
2nd row: Jennifer Harris, Desiree Calapp, Diane Keever,Glors Benally
3rd Row:Lissa Landes, LInda Schneider, Jodi Lowder, Denise Joly
4th Row: Twila Layman, Ronna Hyer, Marian Johnsen, Becky Taylor, DiAnn Hardin
 Back Row: Brent Ririe, Clark Jordan, Greg Barsi, John Briscoe, Richard Layman, Scott Ririe,
and our AMAZING teacher: Rich Taylor (AKA Elijah the Tishbite)

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