Monday, September 1, 2008

Cuckoo's Nest, Cuckoo's Nest!!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S SEPTEMBER!!! I guess it's my turn to update my blog, although I'll warn you ahead of time this might be a long one and could be unsettling. I spent the better part of August recuperating from my fall in the tub. I was really fortunate not to have a more serious injury. It was basically a very bad sprain. I had the gnarliest bruise that was black and purple, the size of a basketball on the back of my thigh. I wasn't woman enough to have a picture taken of it, and now I wish I had! It was huge! As long as I laid on the couch or in bed, I felt fine. Standing and walking were okay, but the worst thing was sitting in a chair or having to turn or reach. So that ruled out scrapbooking, sewing or time at the computer. Driving was impossible for 4 weeks. It is amazing how your body uses all your muscles for the most basic movements as well as balance. I now have a greater understanding of how limiting a leg injury can be. After all, you think it's just a leg, what's the big deal. It's a huge deal and I'll never underestimate anyone with a leg or arm injury because you feel so helpless. The good news is that I am finally feeling back to my old self but the bad news is it took a such huge chunk of time to recuperate that I lost so much momentum and feel stressed out of my gourd.

Hence, this post's title of "cuckoo's nest, cuckoo's nest" (one of our family's favorite quotes from the movie The Wedding Singer) because that's basically my state of mind. After being down for 3 weeks I feel like I am in a constant state of emotion and turmoil. I loved watching the Olympics but between staying up late, and my stress at not accomplishing anything, I found myself reduced to tears more often than not! Now don't get me wrong, I am well aware that I'm more emotional than most people and I have embraced that. But it was getting a bit much even for me. Combined with my injury was the news that Craig will need rotator cuff surgery (it's been 4 weeks and still no date) a visit from my sister from New York, Preschool begins Sept 9 with a new curriculum to plan and on Sept 13 Mark, Rebecca, Paige and Claire are moving in with us for a few months before their move to Idaho. In order to accommodate them, I had planned to spend the month of August gradually packing up the guest room and sewing room and turn that space over to them. Since I had tons of sorting and filing to do, it seemed like the perfect motivation to reduce and simplify.

Last week I finally got the bulk of the packing and sorting done and filled up the storage unit. The tricky part was carefully labeling everything so that I would know where to locate it so I could access it the next few months. And it was a project I alone, had to do, so that I would know where to find stuff. Thanks, Melissa, for saving the day. The preschool room looks adorable and I'm ready for a new year. My sister Dana and niece Katie were here for a modified visit that included a glorious trip to the beach with the kids and grandbabies. (I'm so ready for a beach house or a condo if anyone has any tips or hints on that) Still no surgery date for Craig, but I think it will be a blessing to have Mark and Rebecca here during that time. It will be great to have them here for many reasons, and I just can't think about when they will be 12 hours away instead of just 20 minutes. I'm in denial and proud of it.

Lissa, Dana and Suzy


The Gargalis family said...

I love that picture of you sisters. It's a really good one-you should frame it and put in your scrapbook/sewing room...when you have one again.

Mike and Brenda said...

Hi Lissa, I'm glad you are all better from the fall. I think about you now each time i am taking a shower. i am deathly afraid of falling and laying there naked forever till someone realizes I'm missing:) You and your sisters look beautiful in the picture. Take care give everyone a big squeeze for me, love -brenda

Tamarah Bartmess said...

bummer. I didn't get to see Dana when she was here!