Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Fun Project

Top:Ben --- Middle:Rebecca, Melissa --- Bottom: Nick, Josh

I remember my Granmommie had a gold frame like this and I always thought it was so special. When I saw this at Target a few years ago I didn't even hesitate to put it in my cart. It's hard to find frames that fit 5 kids. It has sat on my dresser for several years while I decided what pictures to put in the frames. The ovals are open on both sides. Origianlly, I thought I would put a newborn picture on one side and a 6 month old on the other. But that meant searching through photo albums . . .

I finally decided to tackle this "little" project. It was so much fun looking through old photo albums and seeing my grandchildren in their parents' faces. Sadly, I have very few close up newborn pictures of the first 3 kids. I was always bummed they weren't taken in the hospital. (Or maybe since I only stayed in the hospital 12 hours I missed that window). Most of my pictures from the 70's and early 80's have turned orange and faded from the crappy bargain film developing of the day. It is so sad. I need to hunt through old slides and see if perhaps my Grampa Buff took some?

At any rate I put a 4-6 month old baby picture on one side and a kindergarten picture on the other side. It was tricky enlarging and reducing the pictures to fit the 2" ovals. I just love the results. It makes me smile and fills my heart to see those little faces I love so much and continue to adore, even though they are now adults. If it's possible, I love them even more today, but they will always be my babies.

Top: Ben --- Middle: Melissa, Rebecca --- Bottom: Josh, Nick


Dana said...

I totally love this! It seems like just last week they were that small. Love your sweet family and their families to pieces! Thanks for sharing Ben, Jamie, Kaylee and Blake with us. They are the best!

Jamie said...

That turned out really cute!

MarkandBec said...

That is cute! Glad you put us & not our kids in it :0)