Friday, February 26, 2010

A Quick Trip to Provo

I had originally planned to fly to Provo last weekend so that I could meet Krista's Mom, Terri, who was flying out from Kentucky for the week to find a wedding dress and make other wedding plans.  Then, when I found out Josh was playing an intramural basketball game at BYU all of a sudden Craig wanted to come with me!  Since his flex day was that Friday, he only had to take a half day off on Thursday. I was able to bank my plane ticket to use another time and we were off.  We left after preschool on Thursday and stopped in Cedar City to have our taxes done at about 9 p.m.  We have the best tax guy and the dearest friend --- Thanks Brian for waiting for us!  Then we spent that night in Parowan at the home of the mayor.  It was snowy off and on all weekend and the mountains were so pretty it looked like a painting. 
Friday morning we took off first thing and hit nasty weather in Beaver county, which was a little un-nerving since we were driving our little jeep liberty.  We made it to Provo safe and sound and rendesvoused with Krista and her Mom and roomates at a bridal shop in the University Mall. It was so great to meet Terri and that Krista is so adorable!  She is so tall and slender (size 4) that EVERY gown looked gorgeous on her.  She had narrowed it down to the top 7.  I left with the girls (Terri, Krista , and her roomates, Sarah and Ashley) to have lunch and look at another shop while Craig opted to eat on his own and hit Barnes and Nobles with all the lovely gift cards he received for Christmas.  Krista narrowed it down to the top 2 dresses, so we went back to the mall and she found the perfect dress.  Terri was staying with friends in Mapleton, and we were all invited there for dinner that night. 

After dinner it was back to Provo to watch Josh's basketball game where we got to see my nephew Danny Jacobson and  meet his girlfriend, Alaska, AKA Danielle Cluff .  It was so good to be in a gym again and watch Josh play!  We have missed those basketball years!  On the way back to the motel we stopped at Sonic for a fresh lime and that lovely bally ice!

Criag and I stayed in Provo at the Travelodge on University Ave It was a bargain-  nice and clean, comfy king size bed and a yummy continental breakfast.  Even though it's  older, it was a great place and I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.  After a visit to the Cotton Shop (my favorite quilt shop in Provo) we met Josh at his store (Shape Up) in Lehi and he gave us the tour.  Then I dropped Craig off back at the motel for some quiet time with the Olympics and his new books (I believe a nap was also involved) while I met Krista and Terri so we could finish up some wedding shopping.  When we went in the mall about 1:00 it was sunny and clear, and when we left it was a blizzaard and I got my first taste of driving in the snow. This is what it looked like out the window when I parked.  .  .
After we finished up shopping we all got together for dinner at Red Robin, where I had my first crummy Whiskey River Burger because they insisted on cooking it well done. So sad.  It was a quick trip but it was so good to spend a little time with Josh and Krista and see how happy they are!  We miss our little Joshy!  It was also weird to be in Provo for the first time since Ben & Jamie have moved and we missed them all weekend long. 

We had planned to drive home Sunday morning but the weather was bad so we waited for the roads to get cleared and by then we would have been stuck in the Vegas traffic coming home, so we stayed in Parowan another night and had a yummy dinner and a nice visit with Mom and Dad.  We got home Monday afternoon and now it's back to reality.  I can't believe the month of February is already coming to a close!!!


Dana said...

Thanks for including Danny and Alaska in your dinner plans. I know they had a great time!

Jamie said...

Wish we were there!