Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Invitations are in the Mail!

The invitations to Josh & Krista's wedding are finally in the mail. They had to be sent back to the printer twice, so the third time really was the charm. Sorry they are a bit late. Last weekend Josh & Krista went to Kentucky where she recieved her endowment in the Louisville Temple. It was Josh's first trip to Kentucky and he loved it. Krista also had a bridal shower and they had their engagement pictures taken. They had such a wonderful photographer --- all the pictures are great. I think the setting is beautiful. It reminds me of a setting in a country music video. June 5 is right around the corner, and the celebration begins on May 29 when Nick& Renee and Mark & Rebecca arrive. Ben has training until the 28th so Jamie is picking him up from the airport and they are hitting the road. They hope to arrive on Tuesday in time for Ben and the men folk to go to a Padres game. My sister, Dana flies in from New York on Wed and Josh & Krista will arrive that night. It will be a party!


Jill Duncan said...

these pictures are adorable! they make such a cute couple. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to the next couple of weeks- enjoy it!!

Maia said...

How exciting Lissa!!!
So I assume Krista is from Kentucky. Do you think that is where they will end up?
What a beautiful couple!

Dana said...

I can hardly wait to see everyone!! Danny arrives Friday am, Got his flt. scheduled this weekend! Love ya!!

elkins said...

Darling pictures!!! So happy for both of them and for you Lissa, and Craig. Cute couple and thanks for the invite.
Love, Deanna and Jim