Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank Heaven for Little Boys!!!

It is so much fun having Melissa, Greg and their three darling boys 2 doors down. One of the nicest things is when we get a phone call and they want to come over to show us or tell us something.
 Greg had taken the 3 boys to Wild Animal Park (while he sent Melissa to Glen Ivy for the Day) and had their faces painted.  They loved their snakes.
 I had to go over to their house to see their face painting because I was sound asleep when they came over. I didn't even hear the doorbell. In my defense, I have been plagued with an abscessed tooth since April 20th (the day we left for Utah) and I am currently on antibiotics and pain killers until May 3 when I finally "get" to to have my root canal. Dental health has not been my friend.   

Luke had to tear himself away from his favorite past time, playing Mario Brothers!
 I volunteered to watch Dylan and Austin while Melissa had Bunko at her house last week.  Craig took Luke to soccer practice, and so I offered to bathe the little boys.  What is it about being a grandparent that makes bathtime so much fun? And why is it that it is such a big chore for parents?                    
Austin was so cute oohing and ahhing and whoaing over the water and the bubbles. 
 Dylan was there too, but he was not in the mood to smile for the camera. They were such sweet boys for me.  I love a freshly bathed, lotioned, pajamaed child.  One of the sweetest things on the planet!
 A few weeks ago I got this cool action shot of Dylan.  We have had fun watching Luke and Dylan play soccer on Saturday mornings.  This is Luke's second season, and Dylan's first season.  Today Dylan played goalie and I wish I had a picture of him. He held on to the goal with one hand at all times.
Luke was so happy to score a goal this morning!  We are enjoying these 3 little boys.  We just ache for the 5 little girls and our other grandson, Blake that are far, far away!  I am so grateful for skype, email, pkgs, and airplanes! 

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