Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Autumn - at last!

It seemed like Autumn would never arrive. I was getting so weary of the heat (too hot to have recess, too hot to cook, too hot to have any energy, etc).   It has been tricky teaching preschoolers about leaves falling when they are still all green!  Then finally, last week, this is what I saw when I walked out my front door. . . . .
 This is the view from across the street 
It looks so pretty when you turn into our street because every house has one of these trees.
Today it was actually cloudy and cold all day.  It was such a treat.
  I really need to live in the mountains one day because I love the change of seasons and the cool weather. 

Craig and I are having fun teaching the CTR 5's in Primary.  We have 9 adorable 1st Graders and Kindergarteners in our class:
Back - Meredith, Abbey and Rebecca.  Front - Daxton, Davis, Preston, Daylen and Jacob. (Dylan had to leave early)
We had our feast at preschool with pilgrim stew, popcorn, cornbread and turkey cookies. We made our own butter by shaking cream in a jar with a few marbles.
Back- Dylan, Violet, Saphryn and Macey.  Front-  Sadie, Nathan, (Reese and Austin are visiting).  We missed Ethan!
Isn't my little class cute? The stew always turns out great, but the kids barely touched it even though they loved stirring in their ingredients. I'm beginning to think maybe I should try a feast Charlie Brown style with jelly beans, toast and popcorn.

We are flying to Louisiana next week to spend Thanksgiving with Ben's family.  We've spent the last two Thanksgivings in Idaho, so we'll miss our western states kids.  It seems we are always missing someone.  We are so excited to see Ben for the first time in 18 months.  Jamie and the kids were here to visit in July, but that's been too long.  Kaylee and Blake just won't stop growing! 
Skype and phone calls are wonderful,
but I can't wait to be with them in real life!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Autumn!

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Everyday Edling said...

The girls had a such a good time at their feast! Thanks for being such a great teacher! Happy Thanksgiving!!