Monday, March 26, 2012

A Surprise Visit from Ty & Amber

I got a call from my nephew, Tyler Jacobson on a Thursday afternoon.  He and his family had been on vacation from Eagle Mt., Utah for a week at Disneyland, and much to their dismay found out their 6 day-7 night pkg was really a 7 day-6 night pkg!  They were made aware of this by a phone call while they were in line for Splash Mountain!  They hustled back to the hotel and packed up, then finished up their last day at Disneyland.  We were so excited to see them and meet their children. 
The last time we saw them was at Blake's blessing in April 2009.
Craig with Tyler, Amber, Haylee and Hudson
I had the house torn apart trying to sort and rearrange the upstairs bedrooms - the neverending saga of the last year - so I was able to crank it out, clean and change the sheets in the nick of time.  After they got settled and checked out of the hotel they went back to enjoy a few more hours of Disneyland.  That night the kids both were coming down with colds and by the next morning little 9 month old Hudson was really wheezy and feverish.  In Jan he had a bout with RSV, so they wanted to make sure he was okay, so they went to urgent care and had him checked.  He was a sick baby, so they asked if they could stay another night and we were so happy to have them. My sister Dana has been so good to my kids and I was so glad to have a turn.  Haylee played with the preschool toys and we all took turns snuggling with Hudson. It was nice to have a baby in the house again
The next morning Haylee  had fun playing with the preschool toys.     She loves the CARS movies and has all the cars lined up in back. She will be 3 in May.
This is Haylee, sound asleep at the dinner table. 
Craig and Hudson, both ready for a little nap

Haylee playing in the preschool kitchen.  She is so adorable - she is a clone of her Daddy!
 They called the Dr. when they got home to Eagle Mt. and he wanted them to take Hudson to the hospital.   He was a very sick little boy and he had RSV and needed some breathing treatments.  A few days later, he was feeling much better and Amber sent me this adorable picture of a much happier baby.

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