Monday, July 9, 2012

Dave & Tam's Homecoming

Craig's oldest brother, Dave and his wife Tam returned from their 18 month mission to Fukuoka, Japan, where they served in the mission office and taught English classes.  We made a quick trip to St. George to hear them speak in their ward.
We had such a lovely visit with Dave & Tam, and we also got to spend  time with their son Jeff, and his daughter, Kayla from Lake Oswego, Oregon. We haven't seen Jeff for about 10 years. Kayla is just a month younger than our oldest granddaughter, Paige, so she stole our heart Even though Jeff mocked me for my flip phone - we still had such a fun visit.  Tam and Dave's talks were wonderful.  We both commented that we could listen to them speak all day.  They loved their mission and the associations with the young elders, sisters,  and the mission president and his wife.  The Japanese people were wonderful and you can tell they adored them and left part of their hearts in Japan.  We had such great meals and Jeff introduced us to the comedian Brian Regan, and we laughed til we cried and our stomach's hurt from laughing so much!

We spent Friday and Saturday in Parowan with my parents. Shame on us for not taking any pictures there!  Mom and Dad are doing great and love living in such a pretty town, where Dad continues to serve as Mayor.   They both seem to forget that they were not born and raised there - and they are certain it is the most beautiful place on earth.  Or maybe a very close second to their beloved Hawaii.  

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