Sunday, September 23, 2012


11 of our 18 CTR 5's
I thought the day of our Primary Program would be a good time to get a picture of our entire class.  Unfortunately, since four left early, this is a smaller than normal group.  I went ahead and took this picture anyway, since there were a few kids there who missed the last picture.  Craig and I have had fun teaching this big primary class.  They are such sweet chldren and they keep us us on our toes!  It is definitely a different way to serve, but we feel like at least we are making a difference in these precious children's lives.  

Front row: Luke*, Brendan, Jackson and Hunter(with his new hair cut)
Back row: Rachel, Mara, Brielle, Kayana, Rachel, Meredith and Mia
Not pictured: Caleb, Olivia, Bailey, Leah, Piero, Ezekiel, Kenzie

*Melissa's oldest son and our first grandson  : )

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