Friday, October 26, 2012


Josh and Krista are having a BOY!

 He will tie up the score giving us 5 grandsons and 5 granddaughters. 

We realized once we had Melissa [our third child] that all our babies would have blue eyes, big feet and dimples in their chins. (The dimple is from Craig, my Mom, and her dad, my Grampa Buff). Both Craig and I have blue eyes and so do our parents and siblings.  However, Craig and I are personally responsible for the big foot gene.  I got mine from my Aunt Sharon, but I'm not sure who share's Craig's shoe size.   

When Josh and Krista met, the first thing she did was point to his chin and tell him she had one just like it. The rest of course, is history. They are both tall, so we know this child will be gorgeous and tall. Look at his toes in this ultrasound. The tech commented on his long toes! Yep, he's a Rogers!
Like father like son: here he is already flexing!

Here's his sweet little profile. I'm in love!
The big question remains - what color hair will this child have?  Krista has lots of beautiful redheads in her family as well as blondes and brunettes.  Our kids all started out really fair and blonde, but now they all have light brown hair.  And Craig's family has pretty brunette hair.  What fun!

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