Tuesday, April 9, 2013


To say that Melissa's boys were cute with thier baby cousin is a huge understatement.

Meeting new cousin Lincoln for the first time.
I love Austin's face.  Lincoln's little blanket was used at his Grandma Huckvale's blessing, his Mom's blessing, and all her siblings. 
They each wanted a turn to hold him.
Luke is so sweet, I had to use this picture

One of the most precious moments of the day came when I had taken Lincoln upstairs when he was a little fussy.  I was rocking him and all of a sudden, Austin runs in with a music box to help his little cousin "be happy".  It was so sweet and so sincere.  Lincoln immediately calmed down and was very alert.  Pretty soon Dylan and Luke wandered upstairs and they all wanted to help me with their baby cousin. I was so touched by thier tenderness to baby Lincoln. 

Love these sweet boys! All we need is Blake! And Kaylee, Paige, Claire, Reese and Skye!


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