Friday, May 31, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

The last day of Preschool was May 23.  Melissa took this picture of our class first thing that morning.  [Arianna, Carson, Gwen, Austin, Mason, Amani and Tori] All but 2 are headed to Kindergarten in August.  I'm hoping for enough sign ups to have one more class this fall before moving to Idaho next year.  I'm still not quite ready to hang up my shingle.

Kaylee and Blake shared the same last day of school with me.  Kaylee got several awards.  She has become quite the reader already.  It amazes me how advanced kindergarten has become.  Kaylee attended kindergarten in  DeRidder, Louisiana and Sierra Vista, Arizona
The Idaho Girls were out of school the last week in May.  Rebecca texted me this cute picture of thier first shaved ice of the summer.  Paige just completed 2nd grade and Claire completed kindergarten.  Reese is excited to go to Mrs. Ririe's preschool next year like her big sisters did.  This picture makes me so homesick for them.
I got to join Melissa for Luke's first grade awards assembly.  He is an excellent student!
After Luke's assembly, we went to Dylan's kindergarten promotion.  Two classes put on a darling program with lots of cute songs. 
Dylan with his wonderful kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Alvarez.

I can't leave out darling Skye, even though she's not in school.This is the latest picture of her taking her Dad to lunch.
Here's a better picture of Skye with one of her little pals.

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