Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Visit from Arizona

Jamie called and asked if we were up for company and of course we said YES! A few days later she arrived with Blake and Kaylee for the week while Ben worked on a paper for his class.  Melissa's boys weren't out of school until Wednesday, and on Tuesday I had already planned to watch Austin while Melissa helped in Dylan's class.  So we decided to go to the Disney Store for a quick adventure.  Austin wanted Aunt Jamie to spike his hair too!
 Blake is just 6 months older than Austin. They had so much fun together.  I love it that they are cousins and have the exact opposite coloring.  Such sweet boys!
As soon as we walked into the mall, eagle-eyed Blake spotted the train on the 2nd level, and he remembered we went for a train ride when they were here in December.  Of course, we had to take another trip so Austin could join them.
The conductor was dressed appropriately and was cute with the
 kids taking their tickets and using all the fun train lingo.
Jamie got to be the responsible adult this time, so I got to take pictures.

Blake LOVES trains, so he was in heaven. 
Kaylee was so sweet with Austin.  All the Gargalis boys' wanted her all for themselves. At one point Luke slammed his bedroom door as he shouted " I'm having some alone time with Kaylee!"
The one picture we got of all 5 cute cousins. The boys had matching iron man shirts and Kaylee had worn her new Disney Store shirt the day before.  It is getting a lot trickier to find matching sizes for everyone.
On Friday we took the kids to see the new movie "epic".  It was really cute and the kids were great.  Blake lasted almost the entire movie.   Blake ate4 an impressive amount of popcorn and Kaylee enjoyed her slurpee and Grampa's soda.
 We arrived at the movie an hour early (the theater changed times for the weekend). We killed time at Target and then took a few pictures and let the kids play and get their wiggles out.
 The Theater at Corona Crossings has the most gorgeous fountains. I want one at my next house. Maybe a little smaller.  It is so pretty and it was such a lovely day, it made me want to just stay and sit and read a book. . .
crazy faces
We've been having daily visits from the Gargalis boys since their move in April, so now that school is out and Jamie and the kids are back home in Arizona, it is VERY quiet here!

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