Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Uncle Josh is the best! And a visit is never complete without some wrestling and a little 3 against 1.

Josh is pulling in an unsucpecting victim by the leg
Austin keeps coming back for more


To say that Melissa's boys were cute with thier baby cousin is a huge understatement.

Meeting new cousin Lincoln for the first time.
I love Austin's face.  Lincoln's little blanket was used at his Grandma Huckvale's blessing, his Mom's blessing, and all her siblings. 
They each wanted a turn to hold him.
Luke is so sweet, I had to use this picture

One of the most precious moments of the day came when I had taken Lincoln upstairs when he was a little fussy.  I was rocking him and all of a sudden, Austin runs in with a music box to help his little cousin "be happy".  It was so sweet and so sincere.  Lincoln immediately calmed down and was very alert.  Pretty soon Dylan and Luke wandered upstairs and they all wanted to help me with their baby cousin. I was so touched by thier tenderness to baby Lincoln. 

Love these sweet boys! All we need is Blake! And Kaylee, Paige, Claire, Reese and Skye!


Monday, April 8, 2013


Craig meets 4 week old Lincoln.
Krista's parents had planned to spend spring break in California, and the logistics worked out so that they could bless Lincoln in Lake Elsinore on Sunday, April 7. With a few relatives from each family and Josh's best friend, it seemed like a good solution to Josh and Krista living in northern California, her parents in Kentucky and us in southern California.
Austin wore the outfit his Daddy wore, and the booties knit by Grama Great that were worn by Ben, Nick and Josh.
Due to General Conference we met at our home at 8:30 Sunday morning. Bishop Eric Aragon presided and Josh gave Lincoln a beautiful blessing.  Josh was assisted by Craig, Greg Gargalis, Travis and Claudio Guerrero, Rick Huckvale, Curtis Drake (Krista's uncle from Wildomar, CA) and Judd Ireland (Krista's brother-in-law from Provo, UT). With several cameras in use, mine didn't get used for the group shots, so hopefully I can edit this post and add those pictures soon.
 I need the Huckvale groups as well.
The Rogers' group was represented by Greg and Melissa's family and my sister Suzy and nephew Trevor who were here from San Diego. Our dear friends from Moreno Valley, The Guerrero's and Karen Sterling got up early to share Josh and Krista's special day.

The Huckvale's were represented by Rick and Terrie and cousin Melia from LaGrange, Kentucky, Curtis and Sherri Drake's family from Wildomar and  Amy and Judd Ireland from Provo. ( I promise I will add pictures as soon as I recieve them).
Karen Sterling has been one of my dearest friends since we landed in the same ward after a big stake realignment many years ago.  Her son, Ryan,  has been best of friends with Josh since them as well.  (Ryan and his wife Maggie are in school in Provo).  One of my favorite memories of Josh and Ryan was when they were deacons and both spiked their hair.  As soon as they would get to church they would sit by each other on that front row and we'd immediately see a spiky blonde head and a spikey brunette head lean in to each other. Such a sweet memory.  And let the record show Karen is smiling beautifully, as opposed to her usual face-making.  Love this family. 
Josh's second parents, Kelly and Claudio Guerrero, and his best friend, Travis with his new bride, Kelsey.
Josh and Travis have been best of friends since they were toddlers.  When Travis and Josh were sunbeams, it was hard to understand Travis when he spoke, but Josh always understood and interpreted for him.  They played sports together and when Josh went on his mission we almost had to pack Travis in his suitcase.  It makes my heart sing to see these little boys grow up to be such wonderful young men and husbands. 
Our little boys married well!  Travis and Kelsey were married in July and we LOVE HER!!!
It is always fun when our kids get to be together. Along with us, Melissa has missed having family near, so it is always a treat to share a special occaision. ( The post following this has lots of fun boy cousin pictures).
One of my favorite pictures today

Krista's birthday was also the same day as Lincoln's blessing, and with Melissa's birthday the next day, it seemed like a great excuse to get a Costco cake and celebrate the first batch of April birthdays.
Lincoln was such a sweet boy considering he was passed around and held by everyone.  When things finally settled down, he was out like a light.
Before we were ready, it was time for Josh and Krista to head back home to Monterey.  It was such a quick trip, but we are so grateful we got to share their speical day.