Saturday, February 7, 2009


Blake 6 hours old
Kaylee meeting her baby brother

Check Ben and Jamie's blogs for more pictures. Kaylee has been adorable today. Isn't he a sweetheart???


The B's said...

How adorable! I am so happy for you and glad the day finally arrived!

Grogan Clan said...

he is perfect! Congrats! I showed Dave and Claudia..they were so thrilled for Ben and Jamie! have fun with the baby!!

Brenda Scarlett said...

Yeah!! what a beautiful baby boy. Congrats. What a wonderful Grandma you are for being there :)

da Bergs said...

Omigosh, I want one!!!! LOL

Seriously, how darling! (And what a great name, LOL)

ENJOY!!! (I am jealous!)

Kaime said...

Hello, I am sure you have heard but I got engaged and am working on my invite list. Can i please get your address so that i can be sure to send you an invite/announcement.
Thank you so much. Also congrats on the lil' guy.