Friday, April 17, 2009

Utah Trip

We got home Wednesday evening on the heels of the big snow storm that hit Utah. We left Provo just ahead of it and had rain through the entire state. Rebecca is ready to go into labor any time. She's scheduled to be induced on the 20th, but the Dr. thinks she'll go on her own before then. She's dilated to almost 4 and is 60% effaced and having lots of good twinges. I hope she doesn't have to be induced again. FOR CUTE EASTER PHOTOS OF ALL THE GRANDKIDS, CHECK OUT OUR KIDS BLOGS, THEY'VE ALL POSTED RECENTLY AND THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! (links are on the right) I need to add a slide show with all the pictures of Blake and Kaylee from our trip. In the meantime, here's the condensed version:

Easter in Ben and Jamie's ward in Provo happened to also be Fast Sunday, so that is the day Blake was blessed. Jamie's brother Paul, and his family were there for the blessing as well as some of her Meredith relatives. Her Mom's brothers, Alan and Richard made us so homesick for Margaret, who passed away 8 years ago. They look just like her. My parents were also there from Parowan, so we took a 4 generation picture with my Dad,Craig, Ben and Blake.

My sister Dana's two oldest boys from NY live in Provo so we also got to spend time with them. It is always fun for the cousins to get together, even though they have lived across the country in Washington state or NY forever. Since Jamie is the youngest in her family, it is fun for her to have little brothers to look out for. My parents aka "Grama & Grampa Great" (or as Kaylee says: Grama & Grampa Grape-LOL)were also there from Parowan. Jamie had a houseful and we had a lovely dinner of ham, yummy potatoes, jello, green salad and rolls. That night Craig and I played a rousing game of Seqeunce with Josh and Christina, Danny and his friend Sabra and Ben and Jamie. We played boys against the girls and of course, the women dominated, as usual. It was fun with such big teams and the rounds went really fast

Since it was his spring break, Josh came with us to hang out with his mission buddy, Nate Smeding from Layton as well as Nate's friend Christina, who he met when she and Nate and 3 other friends stayed with us for their spring break last month.

I have to get busy on baby quilts for Blake and Reese today, but in between cutting out and sewing, I'll get that slide show posted soon. Blake is growing so fast. He has a darling little dimpled smile and quite the belly. Kaylee is such a sweet big sister and she is so much fun. This long distance grandparenting is brutal!!! And we are just getting started. . .

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rogersfam said...

"the women dominated, as usual..." On behalf of the males, I would have to disagree with that exaggerated comment!