Monday, October 5, 2009

My Sweet Girls (minus one)

Rebecca flew down with 5 month old Reese for a long weekend to visit Melissa and 8 week old Austin. We had a girls night out and went to the movies. The theater was almost empty, and Melissa snagged someone to take a picture of us all. All we needed was Renee to make it the perfect night. We missed you tons, NeNe! The babies were both really good, but the movie was way too loud so they kept waking up. Fortunately the theater was pretty empty (Fame - go figure) so it all worked out well. Jamie and I had fun holding little babies after being used to Blake the 20-pounder.

I took Rebecca to the airport this morning and was doing great. I got choked up when they left, so that's progress for me since I usually sob. I was so impressed with my composure. Then I had a dentist appt and when the dopey dental asst. wasn't believing me that it hurt and I needed to be numbed (2 new crowns and the prep 3 weeks ago was almost 3 hours of dental hell) big tears started rolling down my face. I FELT SO DUMB! I tried to explain I had just taken my daughter and 5 month old granddaughter to the airport but it just got worse. She was nice, but I'm sure she'll trade if she gets me for a patient again. Fortunately, the dentist, who is a friend that I adore, was not in the room at the time of my meltdown. What can I say? I love my kids and I miss them when they are faraway --- and I hate the dentist. Bad combination I guess. Next time I won't make a dentist appointment on the way home from the airport.

Watch the girls' blogs for cute pictures of the babies!