Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm on Bakerella's blog!!!

I love finding a post from Bakerella in my email, and she almost always has one on Monday mornings.  I opened up my email this morning and she has a post about her book tour in southern California AND I AM IN THE 3RD PICTURE!!!!  Front and center!  And my hair isn't flat!  I'm also in a few more pictures in the slideshow.  So that was a fun surprise on this rainy, dreary morning.

I love a rainy, dreary morning than most people.  But today it matches the mood of our family as Ben leaves for his deployment in Afghanistan.  There have been lots of little miracles involved with this deployment, but the best news of all is that he will only be gone 8 months.  Due to security, I'll let Jamie give you the details.  (Her blog is private, but if you want to be on it just email her and she will add you.)  It was interesting this time around (Ben went to Iraq for a year in 2004) they are being very cautious about security and what can be posted on social networks online or even spoken of on cell phones.  As a mom, I am grateful for their caution.  I talked to Jamie first thing this morning, and so far so good.  We are looking forward to our visit to Louisiana for Christmas. 

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Travelin'Oma said...

Thanks for your comment. I love having new places to visit!