Thursday, December 2, 2010


It's true --- we are moving from our home of 16 years and the city we have lived in for 30 years.  We have loved our town of Moreno Valley.  We feel so blessed that our children were raised here, in the Valley View Ward and educated at Armada, Cloverdale, and North Ridge Elementary Schools ---Mt. View and Palm Middle Schools --- and Valley View High School.

It is a daunting yet exciting time as we look to the next chapter in our lives.  As Craig looks forward to retirement in a few years, we realized that now would be a good time to downsize and to begin to make some changes.  Due to the sad state of the real estate market, we knew that selling our house would be a dilemma.  We swallowed our pride and put it up for sale, knowing it would be a short sale (meaning that the value of our home is less than the mortgage).  So in order to deal with that we felt that sooner would be better than later so here we are.  It is all official and our escrow will close on December 30. Gulp. YES - IN 28 DAYS WE ARE MOVING. 

We will be renting a home in Lake Elsinore, just a few houses down from Melissa.  She assured us this would be okay, and we are excited about the possibilities.  Due to the move I felt it only fair to cancel preschool this year.  I was surprised and truly caught off guard by how much I missed it, so I am looking forward to holding preschool again next fall in a new area.

With our baby getting married in June, and our nest being truly empty for the first time in 35 years, it has been a time of adjustment for me - which I admit has not always been my finest hour.  Although I welcome the adventure that is ahead of us, I miss our full house and all the joy and purpose that brought into my life.  In addition to those changes, this year our family spread out to Utah, Idaho, Louisiana and Afghanistan.  I am so grateful for free cell phone minutes, e-mail, Skype  and the post office to bridge those miles --- and help us watch our children and grandchildren grow as well as being able to spoil them long distance.

If I have been distant, I am sorry.  But now you know why.  It has been a weird, emotional time that has been difficult to deal with let alone discuss. So, ready or not, here we go. . .

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Maia said...

Lissa I am almost in tears reading this. I guess it is really silly for me to be sad to find out that you are moving from Moreno Valley even though I am not 1300 miles away. However when I think of Moreno Valley I think of dear sweet Lissa Rogers. You were such an important part of my life and guided me through becoming a "big person". The Valley View ward will not be the same without you.
Best wishes to you and Craig. I can't wait to read about your adventures here on your blog.