Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Amazing Nicholas and His Lovely Assistant, Paige

 Nick had Paige help him do a "magic trick.--- Now you see her. . .
 Ala peanut butter sandwiches!
. . .  Now you don't!
She made it back!  But the best part of this magic trick was that Claire freaked out when Paige disappeared! Bless her little heart, she couldn't figure out what happened to her sister [who was just hiding behind the couch].  Even when we tried to show her how it was done, she wanted no part of Uncle Nick's hocus-pocus!  This was one of those - you had to be there - moments.  We could have made big bucks if we had Claire's expression on video.  And Paige was so tickled with herself for helping the very cool Uncle Nick - who can do cool tricks on the trampoline, too.  Good times!


melissa gargalis said...

that is Hilarious!!!

MarkandBec said...

That is so awesome! THat was hilarious and made me laugh out loud to read that post =0)