Thursday, December 9, 2010


This post is old news but it is worth posting even this late.  This summer we discovered that Dylan and Claire had an amazing talent for jigsaw puzzles.  Dylan  has always loved puzzles, the harder the better.  He was acing the difficult preschool puzzles  I usually save for the end of the preschool year and then he moved on to 24-36 piece puzzles, and for his birthday in July he got some 50-65 piece puzzles. This summer in Idaho we tried the 100 piece puzzles, and with a little help he could do those as well. [and we discovered you can get them at the dollar store] This fall he spent a day with me and with a little bit of help the did a really hard 100 piece puzzle with tiny pieces.
His technique is so interesting.  Most of us do the outside border and then fill in the design.  But Dylan puts it together by looking at the design and working outward. Sometimes we have to help him group the pieces together for one section, but usually he pushes our hand away or takes it apart and redoes it on his own.
These are pictures from Idaho in August. I love it that Claire and Dylan are both the middle child in their families and they are both puzzle experts.  They can even outdo their older siblings, which doesn't always go over well!  Such cute kids --- all so different, with such different talents but each and everyone is wonderful!!!

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