Sunday, December 12, 2010

What I Will Miss About This House

Today when I was doing the dishes I noticed two little lizards playing on our sunny retaining wall  and it made me feel kind of sad and melancholy.  It reminded me of Nick and Josh's herping days, having the preschoolers get excited to see the lizards during recess and my little Claire chasing back and forth after the lizards  last year.  I started thinking about all the improvements we have made and  I decided to make a list about the  things I will truly miss about this house:

Lizards running and sunning on the back wall

My glorious, deep, stainless steel kitchen sink

My corian counter top

The downstairs bathroom with bronze fixtures and matching accessories and Texas stars

Our big soaking tub with the built in shampoo shelf (simple pleasures)

A perfect place to hang my pretty chime

Big wall grouping of family pictures downstairs

Hanging my quilts from the landing

Hanging my quilts on the walls with vaulted ceilings

from Craig - the nice wide driveway

Our old tree in the front yard that died

The "new" brick wall and back gate on the west side

People knowing this was our house and having old friends drop by

Our sliding glass door that no longer sticks
(and the pretty, ruffled , country curtain valences)

Knowing how to operate all the appliances

Our one-year-old A/C unit

Being close to shopping

Knowing my address and  phone number - I have had the same phone number for over 30 years. . .

Friends close by I can count on in a heartbeat

Ceiling fans in all the bedrooms and landing, especially my pretty master bedroom fan

The sweet memories of  raising our family the past 16 years, including 5 graduations, 3 1/2 missionary farewell's, 3  homecomings, 5 engagements, 5 weddings, and 8 grandchildren (and the news of #9 due in January 2011).

Then it took me a lot longer to think about the things I  will not miss at all.  The first three were easy but I've been thinking about it all day (both lists) while I pack.  Did I mention that packing is not such a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season?

The traffic due to the moronic, rude and thoughtless parents of Palm students-  twice a day - that gets worse every year.

Unfriendly neighbors

Barking, yipping dogs

Rusty old group mailbox and weird postal workers

Dopey garden window in kitchen - overrated and impossible to clean

Lack of cupboard space and drawers

Lack of overhead lighting

The aging green carpeting

The aging, chipped floor tile

Needing to paint

The drafty windows


melissa gargalis said...

there are still lizards, they will just run across the patio instead of up a wall =)

craigandlissa said...

that makes me so glad!