Thursday, December 9, 2010

Louisiana - round 1

Jamie had to have some medical work done last month so she flew me to Louisiana to help her with Kaylee and Blake.  Kaylee was so excited, she ran through  security before my plane had even landed.  A kind TSA agent escorted her back to Jamie, but by then Kaylee was freaked out.  So when I fianlly got there, Kaylee was not to sure whether it was okay to approach me. On the way home from the airport in Alexandria, we were delighted to find a Logan's Roadhouse, which Ben and Jamie discovered in Texas.  It was the perfect place to stop for lunch, and Kaylee loved being able to open the peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Look at how cute Blake is with a part in his hair!  Kaylee was 4 in October and Blake is 20 months old.

Kaylee was being so cute and silly while I unpacked.  I slept in her room and she slept on a blow up in Jamie's room.  It was fun to be in their world in DeRidder and see where they live and work and play.  DeRidder is just south of Fort Polk, a huge Army base in west central Louisiana.I got there on Saturday, November 6 and Jamie's surgery was on Monday morning.

Jamie's friend took her to the hospital early that morning, then later Blake and I took Kaylee to preschool and then we went to Wal-mart.  I thought there was team spirit in Texas and in Boise, but they have nothing compared to those LSU and Saints fans in Louisiana.  Every store in town had a huge section of LSU and Saints gear.  And there were flags, signs and stickers everywhere.  The Sunday paper had a four page spread on just the  LSU game, and that was the small town Alexandria newspaper.  Everyone was so warm and friendly, taking southern hospitality to a new level.  

The kids were angels for me, but they were so glad to see their mom later that night.  By the end of the week Jamie was feeling better and we did a little shopping and even found a darling  new quilt shop in Leesville, the next town over. 
It was rainy at the end of the week and Kaylee was thrilled to use her umbrella on the way to preschool.
 Jamie looks fabulous, but she is way too skinny!  Isn't Blake's spiky hair cute?  Blake LOVES trains and Woody, not necessarily in that order.  Whenever he sees or hears a train or sees a railroad track he says "choo- chooooo" in the sweetest little voice.  That boy stole my heart.

Jamie sent Ben decorations for his hooch [storage container converted into housing] and while we were shopping for things to send him, Kaylee just about jumped out of the cart in the aisle with the little trees and ornaments.  So of course I thought she should have one for her room, and she gladly picked out all the pink and purple ornaments. 
It turned out so cute and fits perfectly on top of her dresser.

The day before I left I needed to spoil them a little and I got Kaylee a Strawberry Shortcake and Blake a Thomas the Train that you shake and it goes and makes noise.  This was a busy trip with not much picture taking.  I will do better when we are there for round 2 at Christmas.  I was sure I would be strong and not cry when I left this time, then Kaylee started crying saying she didn't want me to go, and of course, I lost it!  I told her I had to go home and take care of Grampa so I could bring him back for Christmas.  Can't wait!

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